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Terrell Moore

Terrell Moore has been a professional fine art painter since the age of 18. He has never done anything else. After having a gallery for years in Venice and then Inglewood and now in Downtown Los Angeles, a fire at his gallery has served as a serious setback in further establishing his presence in the

art community. Not only is he a painter, but he has maintained his gallery as a showcase for many other talented and emerging artists and musicians for these many years.

Exhibited at:

2009 Applegate Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2009 Darkwave, Black Cat Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009 Wal Art, Los Angeles, CA

2008 Farmani Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

2008 Applegate Gallery, Santa Monica

2008 Ghetto Gloss, Los Angeles

2007 Supper Club, San Francisco, CA

2007 Klapper Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

2007610 Isis, Inglewood, CA

2006Black Cat Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2006 Applegate Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2006 Red House Gallery, Venice, CA

2005 Red House Gallery, Venice, CA

2005 Baxter, Chang, Patri Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

2005 Lowes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2004 Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2004 SKG Gallery, Venice, CA

2004 Limbo Gallery, San Diego, CA

2003 Baxter, Chang, Patri Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

2003 610 Isis, Inglewood, CA

2003 Black Cat Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2002 610 Isis, Inglewood, CA

2002 Black Cat Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2001 Artspace, Los Angeles, CA

2001 Half-a-Dozen Rose Gallery, Venice, CA

2001 610 Isis, Inglewood, CA

2000 Half-a-Dozen Rose Gallery, Venice, CA

2000 Content Free Gallery, Seattle, WA

2000 Artspace, Los Angeles, CA

Terrell Moore: After The Fire - Official Documentary 2015
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