Sona Mirzaei

Sona Mirzaei is a mid-career multi-disciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California. Her body of work includes contemporary art, paintings in mixed media, collage, public art, sculptures, urban art - street murals, and performance art.  She has been featured on radio interviews, various publications, her work has been in films, and recently in the Huffington Post. 


Sona’s sole mission is to follow her interests in life and capture anything that evokes cognitive activity, emotion, creativity and inspiration for her audience and inevitably herself as well. Her approach to art is bold, daring, sometimes gentle, and the content in the works has great depth, excellent composition, themes, materials used, and cultural impact in that piece. Experience over the years has given Sona the tools and skillset to create essentially anything that she envisions.


Sona has become a vibrant force in the International art community and was awarded Artist of the Year in 2014 by Art for Progress in New York City, and this past year as the LA winner for Scope Art Basel Bombay Gin Artisan Series with Rush Philanthropic. Her work has been widely exhibited in multiple galleries in all throughout California, New York City, Art Basel in Miami, numerous of galleries in California, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Saatchi Gallery in London, and the Asian Civilization Museum of Art in Singapore and following the Milton Museum in Massachusetts. Later the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles with the Warner Brothers Marvel comic book collection that later helped inspired the Super Men pop art collection. 


Her large-scale abstract works are often featured on TV shows, and her Superhero series was recently selected by a leading interior designer to stage a multi-million-dollar home in the Hollywood Hills, also featured in the Miami Living Magazine, Palm Springs and Laguna Beach Art Magazine, etc. She has a genuine artistically pure goal of continuing to evolve and create magic thorough the lens of the visual medium which she believes has the power to transform and transcend virtually any space. 


Sona is definitely an artist of our times, as stated by Los Angeles based art critic Peter Frank “Sona Mirzaei paints like a cross between a house on fire and a bat out of hell. She seems almost literally to whip her abstract paintings into shape. The results of her furious brush-wielding are roiled surfaces and 

foreign materials brought to a sudden, almost revelatory visual coherency, exciting to witness.”  On the surface, she is wildly abstract, then all these layers and immense depth comes out of the work with

dimensions and shapes that reveals other imagery that makes it truly original.  Sona often says “Art and color create energy that provokes an emotional reaction that is meaningful and organic to humanity. Without our imaginations, we are nothing, and this ails me every day to create and keep us inspired”.