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Ryan Schmidt

Ryan T. Schmidt’s ambitious intention is to create atmospheric, monumental sculpture that captures the everlasting properties of the sun, water, and clouds in movement, and the ever-changing seasonal landscapes of our beautiful Earth; hoping to invoke in the viewer a nearly magical inspiration of great healing and thoughtfulness while simultaneously striking the imagination. Schmidt’s creative interest started at the early age of five in Origami and Constructs. 


In 2002, he established Rykan Expedition, Inc. and started combining landscaping, water fountains and outdoor sculpture. Later, he moved to Los Angeles and spent 5 years to focus more on producing sculptures while establishing his gallery connections. Schmidt returned to his hometown in Bryant, Arkansas in 2015 to expand the production of sculptures. His mission is to share the gift of inspiration through reflection with the passion for stainless steel. He desires to build sculpture that will last for many generations to come. 

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