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Pablo Gentile

Born in New York City, Mr. Gentile attended the New York School of Visual Arts where he studied Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Three Dimensional Design. Further studies led to 2 years in Japan studying Martial Arts and Sumie (Japanese brush drawing). His paintings and sculpture have been widely exhibited and appear in collections worldwide. He currently divides his time between studios in New York City and in Bali.

A professional artist for over 20 years, Mr. Gentile is known for his paintings and works in steel, stone, and wood, as well as digital media. A versatile artist whose work is best characterized as a study in change and transformation, his art captures the inherent dichotomies of civilization and the primitive, the familiar and the exotic. As he juxtaposes provocative concepts, he produces substantive art that challenges the viewer to see beyond mere physical presence through subtext and depth. His art evokes sentiments and coherent narratives, introspection and examination, fury and elation, crisis and delight, art and vice.

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