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John Krawczyk

Acclaimed sculptor Jon Krawczyk pushes the boundaries of his medium by transforming steel and bronze into a study of the human condition. Lauded for his ability to turn metal into large scale biomorphic sculptures that have the ability to strike one as having their own ubiquitous presence. Krawczyk draws inspiration from renowned modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Henry Moore and David Smith. He is not only influenced by the obviously masterful techniques of these artists, but also by the philosophical tenets of their sculpture practice.

His work also has a conceptual side, that dovetails with the physicality of making art and the objects that result from that material action, i.e. energy and matter. Krawczyk cuts, pounds and welds sheets of bronze and stainless steel to fabricate smooth, monolithic forms that look as though they were carved by a samurai slicing clay. At the same time, the highly polished sculptural profiles of his “Smoke” and “Glacé” series suggest raw stone yet evoke vaporous shapes and melting ice. There are echoes of Isamu Noguchi in this work, as it sits at the intersection of natural and manmade forms. Additional Traces of Henrir Moore can be found in a consistent concern with volume and abstract figuration.

Hailing from Boynton, NJ; a graduate of Connecticut College 1992 – Krawczyk studied fine art throughout Europe before moving west in the 1990s. Early in Jon’s career he apprenticed with many acclaimed sculptors- icons of the second generation of great American metal sculptors. Over the last 20 years, Krawczyk has parlayed these key life experiences into his aesthetic approach and studio practice. Jon Krawczyk has exhibited in several galleries across the United States and placed in many prestigious private art collections around the world. Several of Jon Krawczyk’s most recent projects are large-scale, site-specific, public art installations at high profile locations in Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay area, Seattle-Bellevue region, Los Angeles-Beverly Hills, Metropolitan New York, NY / Newark, NJ area.

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