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John Gerletti

John Gerletti and Suzi Perret create their hand-blown glass art in Ventura, California. They have a large compound and showroom in their studio. Their goal is to make art daily. They have an original approach to their contemporary art, by expressing their art on the surface as well as manipulating the glass itself, at 2000 degrees. They tell an abstract story around the piece. It's magical and illusive..It may even contain a mid-summer's night dream. They have styles that we recreate, but each piece is unique. 


Specialties: The Hand-Blown styles that they make are, large undulating centerpieces called Fan lg., med. or Platter, lg. med. Cylinder, Vessel lg. med. sm., Bowl lg. med. sm.I also have Glass Fusion Slabs. The slabs are long rectangles that have a 2" depth. Ice cube edges with great abstract art. Very innovative!

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