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Ivan Butorac

Ivan Butorac is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. "Love for art started at early age i remember coming home from school with friends and their reaction after seeing my parents art that was everywhere in the house, they loved it it was almost magical. I discovered the power art and colors have on human emotion and mood." Heavily influenced by his artist parents he was always in a state of motion and experimented with a lot of media. He studied at an arts Academy in Belgrade. In 2014 spending a year working for an artist Saint Claire Cemin in his studio in Brooklyn. Seeing what it is, and then dreaming up and creating a space for new reality is what Butorac was used to since he was a child. His work sits between meaning and no meaning, not abstract and not not abstract also geometric. Not interested in conveying a message but more interested in questions "What does this look like?", "Does it remind me of something?" and "How does this make me feel?" "Art is about creating a space for the viewer. It is the discovery of one's own possibilities. Its about freedom, self expression and following your interests and going beyond the rational mind the ego. Its about bringing people together and communities. I am interested in bringing light into the world.

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