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Carlos Gamez de Francisco

I was born in post-revolutionary Cuba in 1987, and educated in an academic

setting heavily governed by the Russian Academy. This frame of reference is

evident in all of my work. To deny my experiences, perceptions and the

impact of history would be disregarding my own existence. These influences are

the lens through which I create and the motivation that propels me.


Cuban history has guided me in a variety of ways. On the one hand, it

allows me to rethink the way storytelling is part of our memories. On the other, it

allows me to question the accuracy of history and its telling. This conflict

absorbed me during my early years and continues to engage me as I complete

my artistic education. Currently, this near-obsession with the past translates into

figures, scenarios, and most importantly, the recreation of my own stories.


In Cuba, I was exposed to figurative arts by the presence of

the Russian Academy. This presence, as well as the censorship of contemporary

art and the limited access to information, was the accepted dogma.

Consequently, I understood that decontextualizing epochs and artistic symbols

was the tool I could use to establish a connection between the present and the

past. The resulting work provides an escape from reality and creates an illusory

world. I am more fascinated in altering history than depicting it accurately.

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