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Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer

The paintings by Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer, a German-born artist, will take you into a world of dreams through compositions put together with rules that do not apply in reality. Human forms are everywhere, alongside strange and blotched alien landscapes and animal forms.

Undeniably bold, each piece is open to interpretation, each of which can be humorous, terrifying or seductive. In her catalogue, Schnitzenbaumer compared her way of painting to the Rorschach test, a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analysed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both.

“My painting process starts more or less like a wild orgy or frenzy of uncontrolled paint explosions all over the canvas, and then I try to gain control. I start searching for a story and for figures evolving out of the colour patches, continuously adding, eliminating and evolving until I know ‘now it is perfect’ and the story is ready to be told,” she wrote.

His Mothers Treasure

62" x 62" Acrylic on Canvas Please contact gallery for price

‘Adult Theme Explicit Language’

62" x 62" Acrylic on Canvas Please contact gallery for price

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