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Charlie Patton

Charlie Patton is an experienced American painter who has exhibited his work across California. He works in a variety of styles, including collage and mixed-media works alongside oil pigments. His work is inspired by and seeks to celebrate human connection, and it is Patton's hope that each viewer experiences an intuitive, visceral connection to his art. His overall artistic aesthetic displays poetic energy and interesting color combinations

"I pursue the process of making art with the fearlessness of originality and most importantly, to be in love with my art. I work in a wide variety of styles and materials — constantly exploring new methods and processes. Currently, I am using Collage and Mixed Medium as the primary source for creating art. I love to paint on a large scale with multiple canvases in various stages of completion. Sometimes I like to paint with a common palate color to execute color harmony in a series. My Studio is located in a plant nursery overlooking the ocean in Malibu, CA. This environment inspires me to use the natural world I observe in both its grand size and existing beauty. To me, art is about connecting with people, so I strive to connect or relate to human instincts and visceral intuitive responses. I have been in love with art all my life and will create art for the rest of my life."-Charlie Patton

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