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Barbi Leifert

Barbi Leifert is a contemporary painter whose work is sold to collectors of fine art all over the world. Her back ground in dance and movement Is the subject of her paintings. She paints in acrylic using multiple layers of paint that she puts on and wipes off. Her artworks have been commissioned by her collectors and sold in galleries in New York and California. She was educated at Monmouth University,
Skidmore College, California State University, Gage academy of art, and 
Brooklyn museum Art School. With all her education, Leifert still considers herself a self-taught artist.

Barbi Leifert has exhibited at:

Museum of Contemporary Art, London
Lanyon 36 Gallery, NYC
Flower & Hewes, Malibu, CA
Art Expo NY 2015
Phillips Gallery of Fine Art, San Jose, CA
Art Basel, Miami
Gage Academy of Art
Axis Gallery, Seattle, WA
Phillips Gallery of Fine Art, Kirkland, WA
Wellington horse Show, Deeridge Farms, Wellington, Florida
L'Excellence Dseign Center, Miami, Florida
Modernism, Palm Springs
Gene Juarez, Seattle


"When I make a painting, I’m hoping for serendipity to take place: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  I paint with layers of acrylic paint and in between the layers impose a template I have created of a dancing or moving image-  I continue to layer the paint in the foreground and the background until the colors harmonize and the page emerges in an unexpected way." -Barbi. Leifert

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